December 15, 2018

Menstrual illnesses can involve many types of bleeding.

Vaginal Bleeding: There is normal healthy bleeding during menstruation, but then there is abnormal bleeding, which can be anything from profuse menstruation, long menstruation, early menstruation, bleeding after menstruation, continuous dripping after menstruation, ovulation bleeding, mid-cycle bleeding, bleeding before menstruation and luteal phase bleeding.  These bleeding illnesses are called Beng Lou in Chinese medicine, which means Flooding and Trickling.

Many factors may contribute to the menstrual illness, and in order to determine the root cause, the Acupuncture Physician will ask questions about the specific characteristics of the bleeding including the duration, interval, amount of blood, and the color and texture of the blood.  All of this information must be compared with the pulse, tongue and other symptoms of the body.  Other factors like age, medical history, pregnancy and delivery history, and lifestyle are also taken into account.  The pathology usually involves several organ systems, but Traditional Chinese Medicine is very good for treating this type of woman’s gynecological problems.

A special characteristic of Chinese medicine is its ability to seek the root cause, and according to the cause, determine treatment. Once the root cause has been determined, the Acupuncture Physician selects the appropriate acupuncture points and prescribes herbs for the patient to take on a daily basis.  It is highly unlikely that irregular vaginal bleeding can be remedied with acupuncture alone, so the patient should be prepared to take herbs for a period of time.  Even after the bleeding is controlled, intensive treatment is necessary for 3 or more cycles to prevent recurrence.

There is no exclusive therapy for dysfunctional bleeding.  Menstrual disturbances can be due to different pathologies and will vary from person to person.  Therefore, each regime for each woman is carefully customized to match her own unique presentation.

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