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Because of my neck and back problems I suffered from a MVA. I have gone through intensive therapies and an operation through my medical doctors. After all the therapies I went through I decided to find out what Dr. Oh had to offer, since I was still not 100% since my MVA. He introduced me to acupuncture and other healing modalities not practiced much in western medicine.

I was absolutely astounded to find that only after our first session together I felt and saw instant results. Along with Dr. Oh’s continued treatments and my health program, I am happy to say much of the pain I suffered has subsided and I can leads a much more productive and active life. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Oh for any medical issues Chinese medicine and Dr. Oh can provide. Dr. Oh is a true healer in my eyes.

TE Howard

This is a great place I heard from my roommate. It runs by Dr. Spencer Oh, a holistic general doctor and a good friend, who will fix your body pain and give you professional treatment. He does acupuncture, massage therapy, Moxibustion therapy, movement therapies and so on.

As an international student, when I came here first time, he helped me to go through all the health insurance work; it did save me a lot of work. Since I can only apply five times appointments for acupuncture treatment. Dr, Oh is so generous that he offer me one more month for treatment, which means I can come back anytime in that month for free (Make sure book a appointment first). Moreover, Dr. Oh always tells me many ways to live your life healthy and longevity, I will keep that in mind. Thank you very much Dr Oh.


Recently I was suffering with my regular yearly bout of bronchitis. I normally go see my GP and he prescribes antibiotics. Over the years I have been prescribed so many antibiotics that I only have one or two types left that will work for me. I decided to do something a bit different this time and went to a TCM doctor named Dr. Spencer Oh. He was very professional and did some acupuncture on me after listening to my history and symptoms. He then gave me six bags of tea that he made from grinding up Chinese medicinal herbs to be taken twice per day. Although this did not entirely cure my bronchitis, it came close enough that my immune system cured the rest of it. All without antibiotics! Thank You Dr. Spencer Oh. Cheers!

Phil Durber

2010년부터 청한의원에서 이용하고있습니다. 제가 몸을 많이 쓰는일을 해서그런지 지난 7년간 발목인대부상, 허리통증, 견봉쇄골 등등 여러가지로 자주 찾았는데요, 한의사님이 항상 친절하게 상담해주고, 꼼꼼하게 치료해준덕분에 효과를 빨리볼수있었습니다. 나중에 알고봤더니, 한의사님이 요가, 유도, 주짓수, 합기도 등등 정말 다양한 운동을 접하셨더라고요, 그래서 그런지 제가 어떤상황에서 다쳤다고 이야기하면, 바로 이해하시고, 거기에 맞게 치료해주시니까, 정말 믿을만하죠! 청한의원의 정성스런 진료에 감사드립니다.

ThaiYo Seo, BreakDance World Champion

유학 와서 제대로 끼니때우고 건강 챙기는게 쉬운일이 아니라서 여러번 잔병치레가 잦았습니다. 그래서 몇번 와서 진료받았었는데 덕분에 건강 자체도 매우 좋아지고, 의사선생님께서도 치료뿐 아니라 평소 식습관이나 건강관리를 위해 이런저런 조언도 해주셔서 참 좋았습니다. 특히 저같이 아직 보험이 없거나 해서 가격이 좀 부담되는 학생들이 가서 치료 받을면 정말 좋을것같네요.”

Hwang Lee

Dr. Oh is an amazing doctor. I always call him, “my miracle worker.” I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. I first started seeing Dr. Oh in 2005 for an old ankle injury. I couldn’t even walk I was in so much pain. Within a few treatments I was fine and my ankle didn’t bother me. I started seeing Dr. Oh on a regular basis for various ailments from shoulder impingements, ear infections, colds, arthritis pain, thyroid condition and just wanting to feel healthy. I completely trust Dr. Oh and always ask for his medical advice! I’ve recommended Dr. Oh to friends and they all agree. Thank you to my miracle worker for all that you have done! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Diana Matrick

제가 원장님을 알고 지낸지도 12년이 넘었습니다. 늘 한결같은 모습과 의사로써 마땅히 느끼시는 책임감은 지금도 변함 없는 것 같습니다. 제가 발목을 삐었을때도, 허리가 아팠을때도, 그리고 손목이 다쳤을때도 성심성의껏 치료도 해주시고 실생활에서 주의해야 할 부분들도 늘 조언해주셨던 것이 가장 인상깊게 지금도 기억됩니다.

또한 저희 회사와의 인연도 참 소중합니다 청한의원을 소개받고 다녀온 많은 학생들이 잘 치료받고 건강해졌다는 이야기를 들으면 저 또한 뿌듯하고 그랬습니다. 항상 지금처럼 열정과 사랑으로 진료해주시고 정도가 아닌 길은 걷지 않는 원장님의 모습 늘 응원하겠습니다.

Max Choi

밴쿠버와서 갑자기 원인도 모른 채 코피를 자주흘려 가까운 청 한의원에 갔습니다. 다운타운이라 멀리 버스타고 안가도 되고 토요일 오전에도 진료받을 수 있어서 시간절약에 좋은거 같습니다. 또한 처음 갔는데도 의사선생님이 친절히 진료 해주시고 매번 갈때마다 진단 하여 상황에 맞게 치료도 해주시니 타지에서도 편히 진찰을 받았습니다.

게다가 병원 다니는 동안에 약먹고 침,뜸 치료 덕분에 문제의 코피가 한번도 나질 않아 덕분에 몸이 회복 된것 같습니다. 출혈도 호전되고 친절히 편안하게 진료 받을 수 있어 효과적으로 도움 되었습니다.