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Irregular Menstruation

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Irregular Menstruation is women’s period occurs early or is delayed more than 7 days for more than 3 consecutive months. This is reported to be quite common for young females before marriage. However, it’s normal for menopausal females who have just went through menarche to have an irregular cycle.

Cause of Irregular Menstruation

1. Kidney Deficiency: In general, kidney is one of the 5 major organs, that contains congenital essence of the human body. This pattern is usually congenitally weak, and/or too many deliveries/sex can also deplete kidney essence (Qi). However, we do have Solutions for this.

2. Liver Qi Stagnation: This pattern has a lot to do with emotions such as depression, sorrow and/or anger. Shortly speaking, in modern language, this is stress, and is the most common phenomenon in modern society. Still it is well treatable, as in TCM we don’t separate body and mind.

3. Spleen Deficiency: Physical or mental tiredness from over-working, and improper diets can cause this pattern.


Acupuncture/Moxibustion, Herbal Medicine (Internal): Based on practitioner’s diagnosed pattern, we treat accordingly. And Prolonged Irregular Menstrual Cycles could be the cause for malnutrition for uterus in turn it could be the cause for infertility.


In TCM, we say “Cold Head never gets Pain, and Warm Abdomen never gets pain.” It means, as a Homo Sapiens, we need this cold & hot distribution to keep good homeostasis in our body. Always keep your head cool and make sure your lower abdomen to stay warm. Another thing to keep in mind: try your best to avoid stress. Women’s body is delicate.

Secondary Amenorrhea

Secondary Amenorrhea refers to the condition when un-pregnant females is not having menstruation without specific health concerns for three consecutive months or longer. This is also common among young females.

Cause of Secondary Amenorrhea

We do differentiate this into many different patterns in TCM, however, the most common patterns are Qi Stagnation’ and Dampness, which could be related to stress and poor diet habits in modern societies.


Stress here means not only the stress we deal with in daily lives, but also refers to InVisible Stress such as settling in different location settings, different diets, undesirable environments and etc. Sudden weight gains can also be the cause for Stagnation of Phlegm and Dampness, and this is also one of the major patterns for infertility.


Acupuncture/Moxibustion, Herbal Medicine (Internal), Dietary Advices.


Self-love, Positive mental attitude, Not too much wheat and greasy foods.