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Children growing up with antibiotics tend to have a weaker immune system in later years of their Lives. It is best to be “drug-free” while their body is growing up, unless it is a medical emergency condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with natural herbs, TuiNa (massage therapy) and Pediatric acupuncture should the first choice, so they can grow up healthy.

Common conditions we treat in TCM Pediatrics:

1. Digestive Disorders

Spleen/Stomach system is the major digestive system in TCM, where we acquire Postnatal Essence through nutrition, which is very important in children’s healthy body development. Naturally, infants have a very weak digestive tract, causing problems like colic, acid reflux, hernias, and food allergies. These problems can cause discomfort which may disrupt infants’ sleep patterns.

Acupuncture, acupressure, and a gentle, safe pediatric herbal formulas can be an effective way to help correct minor digestive disorders so that infants’ spleen/stomach system can be developed in a healthy way.

2. Common Cold & Asthma

3. Allergies

4. ADHD or Lack of Concentration

5. Anxiety

6. Growth Clinic

TCM can also help children to reach his/her full potential in their physical growth.